Educational Partners

The Educational Partnership Committee (EPC) is the service arm of the Torrance Branch of AAUW. The EPC oversees the Branch’s two ongoing community service programs: Tech Trek and Power & Promise. The Team meets on the second Thursday of each month, with an upcoming exception being our meeting on February 5, 2015. (Refer to the Calendar for specific dates.)

This is a key place to go if you:

    • Have a desire to give back to the community
    • Have limited time (only need about 1-3 hours per month)
    • Have creative ideas
    • Enjoy a supportive, collaborative group environment
    • Have a commitment to helping young women

The EPC Committee focuses on programs that will ensure young girls are given the opportunity to realize their full academic and personal potential. The primary program currently run by the Committee is:

Tech Trek

These programs have already served hundreds of local area young girls and have made a real difference in their lives. In 2004 the EPC won the first grant award in the Torrance Branch’s history when they developed and won a grant proposal to the Copley Foundation for TECH TREK.

Our committee has a broad range of activities and roles, including:

    • Working directly with the girls in our programs
    • Supporting one of our programs through:
      • Developing the guidelines and procedures for our programs
      • Introducing new community members to our programs (including school administrators, teachers, parents and businesses)
      • Fundraising, grant writing, direct solicitations
      • Publicity and community outreach
      • Running annual events (there are currently 2 of these)

The opportunities for participation are limited only by the enthusiasm and creative ideas of our members and we would love to have you join us for our regular committee activities, or on an “as needed” basis as one of our “Special Projects Team Members.”

Please contact us for more information on EDUCATIONAL PARTNERSHIP COMMITTEE, POWER AND PROMISE, or TECH TREK at